Suyeon Na

For years, I have dreamed of an utopia where my past and present, as well as fantasy and reality, are integrated while maintaining a life style that crosses between two different cities.

In my painting, I express this concept of my ideal place through a combination of iconic patterns and mythical motif with architectural forms of the city. Botanical patterns and iconic animal forms, both beloved as symbols of life and fortune in traditional East Asian culture, appear with a reinterpreted cityscape. These images also convey the psychological narratives of an alien living in a new environment in allegorical ways: the uncertainty of a life crossing between two different cultures, observations and reflections on the new urban environment, and a sense of isolation as an outsider.

In the composition, I am particularly interested in employing the symbolism of geometric forms and compositions, such as symmetry, circle, and triangle. This shows the mental state that is caused by relocation; a dichotomy and psychological conflict between two worlds, and my desire to unify a disconnected life into an ideal condition.  
Through a combination of esthetic symbols of East Asian culture with urban structures that we commonly encounter in everyday life, I ultimately intend to embody a harmonious world, where the boundary between tradition and contemporary, as well as fantasy and daily life, is crumbling down.

Tearsheet Suyeon Na 2018