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OPENING RECEPTION: Wednesday December 7, 2016, 6-9pm


Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art is pleased to present “No Strings Attached” featuring works by Lauren Bettini, Julia Buccieri and Gemma Burgio, with an opening reception on December 7, 2016, 6-9pm.

The works on view explore gender roles, interpersonal relationships, self-identity, and voyeurism. These three artists use a combination of collage, embroidery, sculpture, painting, and photography as a vehicle to convey the inner conflicts that reside in emotional and physical connections and experiences, acknowledging the delicate and tenuous nature of human relationships.

“Amy” (shown upper left), Lauren Bettini depicts a woman slightly leaning over, arms crossed and eyes closed. Contrasting between deep and flat space, gestural overlapping lines and shapes create special divides within the piece, revealing the isolation of the figure. Exploring different mediums, Bettini’s body of work depicts physical and mental abuse towards women, creating a dialogue about internal and external battering, exposing a painful hidden truth of many peoples’ lives.

In “Girl with Stockings"(shown above middle), Julia Buccieri integrates different media: china marker (grease pencil), graphite and charcoal with oils, allowing the viewer to peek through to the under drawings, emphasizing the urgency of the drawn line. Buccieri’s Suspension series depicts the act of puppetry: being “perpetually at the mercy of the hand of another,” straddling the contrasting experiences of domination and submissiveness. By keeping the women’s features unrecognizable, Buccieri’s muse is accessible and relatable to many audiences, as to not restrict her to any one social or political system. “I like to think of this body of work as being beautifully morbid; it is dark and oppressive because it attempts to mimic the political climate and social injustices that women have endured for centuries.”- Julia Buccieri. Buccieri’s expressive use of lines and contorted poses recall the angst of the Viennese artist, Egon Schiele.

Gemma Burgio, is a licensed Art Therapist working with various populations dealing with trauma and emotional turmoil. Deeply impacted by and often identifying with her clients’ emotional experiences, her work includes a range of creative processes. Burgio’s use of various media focuses on the externalization of interpersonal relationships and experiences of self and other, “ ...permitting room for subconscious content to be brought to the surface in a very organic manner.”- Gemma Burgio. In “Untitled” (shown above right) a female is covering one side of her face in the midst of lush foliage, growing out of and around her, suggesting an inner conflict, similarly expressed in the work by Buccieri and Bettini. It serves as a reminder that beautiful things can still grow out of difficult and painful experiences.


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On View: Dec 7, 2016 - Jan 1, 2017

98 KENMARE STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10012 (Bet. Mulberry & Center Street)