PHOTOS: The best of Fountain Art Fair – a showcase for NYC emerging artists

Be afraid, be very afraid… for your child’s future.

That’s one of the key takeaways I gleaned from this year’s Fountain Art Fair, an annual showcase of emerging artists held in Manhattan’s historic 69th Regiment Armory.

Fountain is a fun, offbeat fair and is less stuffy than its Armory Arts Week counterparts, the Armory Show and Volta. Visitors stroll the aisles sipping cocktails in plastic cups, snapping cell-phone pics and chatting with artists. It’s a unique opportunity to get close to emerging artists in a major Manhattan venue.

After spending five hours at the Fountain Art Fair press preview on Friday– every time I tried to leave, I ended up speaking with another artist whose work stopped me dead in my tracks– a clear theme emerged. Mainly, the future is bleak for the next generation of kids. Internet porn, vanishing resources and even scary clowns contribute to their questionable fate.

Read on for highlights of this year’s Fountain show.

10 Reasons to Fear for Today’s Youth: Predictions from Fountain Art Fair