October 17th – November 13, 2015

Reception: Saturday, October 17 from 6-9PM


Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art is pleased to present Artpocalypse. JALLEN’s (aka Jon Allen) second solo show in New York City. This exhibit features intensely detailed ink drawings, paintings, and prints commenting on the status quo and his “satirical vision of a world unraveling.” - JALLEN

Provocative and politically charged, JALLEN confronts the viewer to assess the current state of our surroundings. “Our homes, our liberties, our freedoms, our planet are all under peril. How we choose to live, mass consumption and production threaten the planet we live on. Our homes are also where we raise our families, where we choose to live our lives as how we see fit, and we have all seen these liberties come under threat.” – JALLEN

In his acrylic on canvas entitled Monsanto’s (above left), JALLEN riffs on Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can, exposing some of the sobering, life threatening harm that the company, Monsanto, (one of the first companies to apply biotechnology to American agriculture and to produce food additives), inflicts on the human race. Instead of the flavors of soup, as depicted in Warhol’s prints and paintings, JALLEN exemplifies the mass production, greed and power of the agrochemical company, Monsanto by spelling out “GMO” with the word “Gout” (the disease of the “elite”) under it. Also in JALLEN’S large 5 x 5’ monochromatic meticulously obsessive in-depth black India ink on paper, Engine of Chaos, he forces the viewer to explore the hierarchy of living. JALLEN states, “unbridled power driving humanity into an abyss. On top of the mass of shanty towns, trailer parks, and ambiguous prison like buildings is the turbine of 'progress,' siphoning off the rest of society, depleting all resources and autonomy.”

JALLEN, frustrated with politics states “If my art even attempted to depict it all literally I would probably appear insane because most things we have been taught are lies...” His art takes on a fantastical approach using it as a vice to shield himself from the frustration of understanding the epic state of severity our world is truly in and more recently a blatant approach as well, appropriating pop art and various propaganda to suit the messages he wishes to share. JALLEN uses animals and nature as metaphors for the “criminal psychopaths destroying this world.” - JALLEN



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On View: Oct 17th - Nov 13th, 2015 


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