Jesse_Scaturo How to build a better chicken 

Jesse Scaturo, How to Build a Better Chicken (All Photos By Gail)

If you’ve been following the blog over the past week, you probably know that I did some exploring at the Galleries at 111 Front Street in DUMBO. While it is, as a rule, nearly impossible to get me to leave Manhattan, I discovered many cool galleries in this not-that-inconveniently-located space, and am compelled to share some of what I saw with you.


Margaret Roleke - Baroque War

Baroque War Revisted By Margaret Roleke

One gallery I popped into is AHA Gallery, also called Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art. AHA is currently hosting a diverse Contemporary art group show called Balls to the Wall. Some casual music fans may think this title is a reference to AC/DC, but it is actually the title of a song by German Metal band Accept. The song’s video prominently featured the use of a wrecking ball, long before Miley Cyrus was even conceived. But I digress.


gilf! - All I See Are Naked Emperors 

All I See Are Naked Emperors

The collection of works that make up Balls the Wall has a lot of humor in it, as if you couldn’t tell by the title alone.



You can see thumbnails of most of the art with cursory “What and Where” info at This Link, but, sadly the show lacks a locatable Press Release. So, I’m afraid that unless you physically go and see the show, which I reccommend, you’re on your own as far as identifying the artists beyond what I was able to glean from my own admirable sleuthing skills.




I think the collage piece above might have something to do with The Big Lebowksi, but I am not sure. 




Balls to the Wall Will be on Exhibit Through June 29th , 2014 at Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art, (AHA Gallery), Located at 111 Front Street, Suite 222, Brooklyn (DUMBO), NY. Hours are Wednesday – Sunday 12 Noon – 6:00 PM and by Appointment.


AHA Show - Balls to the Wall


Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art



(All Photos By Gail)