Maria Dimanshtein

I am driven by the wonder of being alive - the experience of the sublime, the mystery and the darkness.

I observe my surroundings closely: the brilliance of skyscrapers at night-time in downtown Chicago, the bright moon over a small town, seen from a roof. I connect to my inner states of being - the feelings of pain induced by loss, the anxiety over losing patience. My work is about outer space, fear of death, comfort and security in relation to freedom, intimacy, the meaning of honest communication. The images and objects that I create are an amalgamation of the external and the internal, the conscious choices and subconscious impulses, dreams, the past, the metaphysical and the actual materials. I choose the materials that speak to the state that I want to express. I work with paint, collage, photo elements, paper and a variety of found elements to create paintings, installations and three-dimensional objects. By making and sharing work I seek to connect with the viewer in a subtle way. I prompt them to refer to their own experiences and I let them know that they were not alone in that.