Kathleen Griffin

There is a darkness in beauty, a secret that is silenced by perfection. In the presence of this near divine state, we don't ourselves think of the physical casualties it requires. I am fascinated by desire and its traps.

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My current work explores how having what you want changes you. It shows white horses, the symbol of freedom and romance changing into everyday objects and materials, domesticated and transformed by the wanting inherent in those objects, hygiene, security and comfort, a creature becoming the traps it built for itself.

These pieces represent a collision of the American ideal and the American dream. The image of wildness and freedom sacrificed to ease and cleanliness. They blend anguish and beauty together, flesh twisting, bodies held in a split second, shapes that tell the story. This work explores loss, transformation and resistance, the moment of passing from one state into another. These creatures awake to themselves, reborn as something new.

"You're beautiful when you are angry " shows a chandelier of white horse legs and red candy, tearing out impotently in sweetness and rage. Matched with these works are drawings from my "Mysteries of Space" series, which match the mathematical notes of astro physicists exploring issues of black holes and space theory. Several of these drawings, the tornadoes, are drawn on the decommissioned "Star Wars Project" and specifically looked at how we would knock the Soviet Missile from the sky.

My "Vultures" drawings are from my time in Cambodia, and explore ideas of death and invisibility, and the Asian Vultures which are going extinct. For me art is a life raft, it rescues me from the crippling minutia, bureaucracy and boredom that has become our everyday world, and allows me to say something real. When we reach our eyes through it and touch, making contact with the uncontrollable wild and irrational beautiful, a world that feels so much more complete. This moment is sacred.


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