daniel Baltzer

The “broadcast” paintings explore the evolution of human relationships, now based heavily on modern innovations in communication technologies. To network and pursue relationships requires development of new social skills and a certain level of risk, like children engaging one another in play. Children use play earnestly as an opportunity to explore and connect, creating the framework by which they learn and make more complex decisions. Their approach is marked with innocent exploration. I use nostalgia in the work to bring the viewer into the mindset of this exploration. Communication through play, as a child or as an adult, is a basic element to understanding the world and the link we have to society through the networks we have formed. These interwoven networks make for a seemingly smaller, yet more complex, world.

I have categorized my paintings as “collage-like paintings” because the paintings are made by Googling imagery from disparate public Internet sources and painting them in layers, like a painted collage. This process of sourcing imagery from the Internet is an important component to the narrative behind the work. The visual information shared between the imagery is in flux because the audience brings myriad of reference to the paintings.