Christi Scofield

Pop Up Theology - A Series of Pop Art Paintings Highlighting Inspirational Messages from World Religions.

With so much focus on the negative aspects of religion in today’s secular culture, I created the Pop Up Theology series to explore and foster discussion about positive and inspirational elements in some of our world’s major religions.

I titled the series “Pop Up Theology” instead of “Pop Art Theology” because I liken it to the concept of a retail “pop up” store where the best of a brand is made available to consumers who don't normally have access to it.  Pop Up Theology cuts through the negative noise so prevalent in our culture and gives the viewers access to consider, discuss and reflect on positive religious messages.

I chose the pop art style with bright, happy colors because the paintings are meant to uplift, encourage and inspire.  My goal is for the viewer to leave each of the paintings with a vibe of joy and even better, the idea to move on and pay that joy forward.