Alexis Diaz

His inspiration comes from all areas. Everything around him is a source, nature, music, dawning every day, life itself.

In every place he visitis, he creates his own creatures, species able to adapt to the context, to evolve. Hence the fusion. The use of China ink in making its walls, leads to highlight his work, making it shocking and yet recognizable, both by its language and by its materiality.

Some of his recent exhibitions took place in:

Hilger NEXT (Vienna, Austria), RexRomae (London, UK), Art Basel (Miami, USA), G40 (Richmond, USA) Living Walls (Atlanta, USA), Beating Latino (Lima, Peru), Board Dripper (Queretaro, Mexico), Djerbahood (Djerba, Tunisia), OpenWalls Conference (Barcelona , Spain), PUBLIC Festival (Australia, Perth), Bratislava Street Art Festival (Bratislava, Slovakia), Mission to Art (Torino, Italy), Life is Beautiful (Las Vegas, USA), Murals (Montreal, Canada), The Painted Desert Project (Arizona, USA), Urban Nation (Berlin, Germany), Cash, Cans & Candy (Vienna, Austria), Wall Therapy (New York, USA), Via Vai Project (Racale, Italy), WE Aart Festival (Aalborg , Denmark), Living Street (Graz, Austria) are some of the latest projects in which he participated.

In addition, Alexis is the curator of Los Muros hablan project, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

by Elizabeth Maskasky