Artist Video Portrait: gilf!

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Artist Video Portrait: Carly Ivan Garcia

Artist Carly Ivan Garcia - CIG Interview - Warholian

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Artist Video Portrait: Jeremiah Johnson

The Dream Home Project

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Artist Video Portrait: Bedel Tiscareño


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Artist Video Portraits


 AHA Artist Videos

In our artist video portraits the viewer is allowed a personal view of an artist in his own private thoughts and world

Video Portrait: Queen Andrea

Queen Andrea: Electric Summer


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Artist Video Portrait: John Breiner

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Artist Video Portrait: Wynne Noble


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ALICE IN BERLIN - Interactive Video Installation

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Alice in Berlin

Interactive Installation (2012)

It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards - Lewis Carroll


Alice in Berlin @ AHA FINE ART

NYC • September 27 - 29
Arcilesi Homberg Fine Art
111 Front St., Suite 222, Brooklyn, NY
Stop by as you check out the Dumbo Arts Festival.

Alice in Berlin slyly evokes our fantasy of childhood innocence to lead the audience on a hallucinatory trip into today's global chaos. Each scene of the interactive installation builds on the audiences physical participation to question our place in history and individual accountability.

Initially the audience is passive for a short animation as Alice leaps off the page. Alice lures us into a topsy-turvy world where 19th century images collide with iconic moments of the 20th century. In front of the looking glass, fantasy and reality merge as Alice fluidly mirrors the viewer's every move. A surreal landscape leads to a contemporary world of global change. Alice disappears and we land firmly back in contemporary Berlin


Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday 12 pm - 6 pm and by appointment.   

139 Eldridge St.New York, NY 10002

212-810-7716 or 347-743-4132

Artist Video Portrait: Alexis Diaz

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